Families are often challenged by issues that can affect them throughout their lives. When it comes to filing for divorce, most people are overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin. They believe that one wrong decision can cost them everything. As an experienced Wisconsin Family Law Attorney, Attorney Lloyd knows what it takes to help people through divorce and custody disputes. It requires the right plan for your better future.

Attorney Lloyd can help you create divorce and custody plans that gives you security and peace of mind for your future. You don’t have to worry about making that one wrong decision, because he will help you make all the right ones.

Attorney Lloyd offers the following services



Child Legal Custody and Placement

Child Support

Maintenance (Alimony) Issues

Property and Debt Division




An arrest is a frightening experience and even more so for an individual who has never had contact with the criminal justice system. Attorney Peter Lloyd is dedicated to protecting your rights. The criminal justice system is a difficult process on your own. Attorney Lloyd is here to help. He will walk you through your case so you know what is happening, what options are available and how each option will affect your future. He is known for assertiveness, reliability and trustworthiness in every case he handles.

Attorney Lloyd represents individuals charged with all types of offenses:



Drug/Narcotic Offenses


Domestic Abuse (battery and disorderly conduct)




Attorney Lloyd represents clients who have civil traffic charges and can provide experienced representation to defend your traffic ticket. He will give you his best efforts to allow you to keep your driver’s license so you can drive legally. Often these charges can be handled without the client ever having to appear in Court.

What many people do not understand is that traffic tickets can remain on your driving record for years, and if you received multiple citations over a period of time, these tickets can create more issues down the road. Depending on the person’s driving record, he or she may be required to take a Driver’s Safety Program, provide proof of Insurance to the DMV or even serve a license suspension/revocation for excessive points.

These charges include:

OWI (Drunk Driving)

Speeding Tickets

Inattentive Driving